Wild West Sex Fantasies: Role Playing Cowboys and Indians

Sexy Cowgirl

Maybe you played cowboys and Indians as a kid or you’re fascinated by wild western movies with sexy movie stars. Maybe there’s something about the wilderness setting, the rugged characters, the clothing, the hot blooded conflict or the frontier attitudes that turns you on. Either way, cowboy, cowgirl and native Indian costumes can be used…

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Arabian Nights Sexual Fantasy Ideas for Erotic Roleplay

Magic Lamp

The 1001 Arabian Nights stories have fueled many exotic fantasies involving treasure, power, temptation and seduction all wrapped in a veil of erotic mystery and intrigue. It’s easy to imagine palace life as a rich and powerful sultan, a rebellious princess, an obedient harem girl or even a submissive royal slave. You can spice up…

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Sexual Fantasies & Erotic Role Play Ideas for Couples

Candlelight Fantasies

Imagine lying naked beside your lover in bed with flickering candle light making your bodies look warm and sensual. You feel yourself getting excited as you stroke their body and feel them quiver with delight under your finger tips. They close their eyes and enjoy the pleasure of your hot kisses leading down their neck,…

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