Reverse Call Girl: Kinky Sexual Role-play Ideas for Couples

Reverse Call Girl Fantasy

Here’s a kinky sexual role-play scenario for couples. It’s based on a popular fantasy for both men and women. There are a variety of common role-play games that involve having hotel sex, meeting a stranger at a bar or pretending to be a prostitute. I hope you enjoy a new sexual role-play idea that mixes…

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Sexual Role-play Ideas for Gay, Lesbian & Bi-Curious Couples

Gay Lesbian Role-play

Most of the resources providing sexual role-play ideas tend to focus on heterosexual couples. However, erotic role-playing games can be just as rewarding for gay and lesbian couples as well. And, of course, many people also have same sex fantasies regardless of their sexual orientation. So in honour of Canada’s first-ever Pride Month and others…

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Sexy Doctor & Nurse Role Playing Games: Prescription for Better Sex

Nurses Playing Love Doctor

Imagine calling your sweet heart and saying "This is the office of Doctor Frisky Lovemaker. We’re calling to confirm your appointment tonight. The doctor rarely makes house calls so we just want to make sure you’ll be ready for your special treatment. Just relax knowing that you’ll be in good hands when the doctor comes…

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Sexual Roleplay Ideas for Couples Book Overview

Couple Reading Sex Book Together

My wife and I just published our third book titled 123 Frisky Sexual Fantasies & Erotic Roleplay Ideas: Dare to Play Naughty Sexy Scenarios for Couples It’s available for the Kindle and as a paperback from Amazon. Please check it out and, if you do decide to get a copy, we would really appreciate a…

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Sexy Witch Fantasies & Sexual Magic Role Play Games

Witch Sex Magic Spell

If you want to bring some magic into your bedroom games, try roleplaying your sexual fantasies with a witch or warlock theme. There are good and bad witches so you can include a range of erotic ideas to suit any taste. And there are some amazing witch costumes to help get you into character. Just…

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