Sexual Role-play Ideas for Gay, Lesbian & Bi-Curious Couples

Gay Lesbian Role-play

Most of the resources providing sexual role-play ideas tend to focus on heterosexual couples. However, erotic role-playing games can be just as rewarding for gay and lesbian couples as well. And, of course, many people also have same sex fantasies regardless of their sexual orientation. So in honour of Canada’s first-ever Pride Month and others around the world, here is where you can find some sexual role-play ideas if you are gay, lesbian, bi-curious or just enjoy same sex fantasies.

Play with Me! Gay Roleplaying Ideas

Dive into the world or erotic role-playing for men and get out of your familiar routine. Explore all the varieties of gay sexuality. There are no limits to where fantasy can take you. There are classic scenarios of playing doctor, pet play or roleplaying games involving bondage. Or maybe the adventures of an office stud will get you more excited. This is a richly illustrated guidebook that comes with a large selection of color photos, personal testimonies, and interviews with experts. It provides answers to all your important questions about sexual roleplaying in bed or in the back room.

There is also lots of gay erotica available to help inspire more hot ideas for your sexual role-play games. And for straight guys with an open mind, consider that many women enjoy gay erotica and gay porn. You could adapt these ideas to play with your wife or girlfriend dressed up and wearing a strap-on. Show her the book and see if she’s interested in some cross dressing and kinky sex play with a bit of BDSM if desired.

Lesbian Love Games

Lesbian lovers can more easily enjoy "regular" roleplaying games by playing with a sex toys like dildos and strap-ons. Although there are different emotional and physical elements involved, many male-female sex scenarios can be adapted with one partner assuming the traditional male role. You may of course want to transform various characteristics and activities associated with this role to suit your preferences and fantasies. In these stories, 10 lesbians share their favorite role play experiences. It’s a one-of-a-kind collection of 10 real lesbians telling their most memorable strap-on role-play experiences. Their erotically exciting encounters are intensely intimate and revealed with nothing held back.

You’ll find lots of sexual role-play ideas in these chapters:

  • Making The Grade
  • Halloween – Dick or Treat
  • Seduction of the Priest
  • Miracle Cure
  • Prisoner of Love
  • Deep Penetration Therapy
  • The MILF in Madison
  • Love Slave
  • The Bar Hook-Up
  • The Gynecologist’s New Tool

Some popular erotic role-play games involve recreating first time sexual encounters. Whether it’s with strangers, friends or even co-workers, the newness factor of having sex for the first time can be thrilling. Check out Lesbian Firsts: 10 Lesbians Share Their First Time With a Woman and see if these stories about women losing their lesbian virginity inspire your own role-play ideas.

Straight Women Wearing Strap-ons

Strap-ons aren’t just for lesbian couples to play with. Male-female couples can easily add some kinky gender play to their erotic role-play games. For an introduction to pegging play, see The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Strap-On Sex. You’ll want to get a good strap-on harness that can be adjusted to fit snug and comfortable. The SpareParts Hardwear Joque Harness style= is one of the best. It’s also designed to fit double ended dildos like the Tantus Feeldoe style= if desired. There is also a version for men to wear so you can continue playing even when your dick needs a rest. Or, give your lover a treat by pretending to be multiple men ravishing her with different sizes and shapes of stunt cocks before finishing with your own.

High Quality, Comfortable Strap-On Harness

Strap On Harness