Sexual Fantasies & Erotic Role Play Ideas for Couples

Candlelight Fantasies

Imagine lying naked beside your lover in bed with flickering candle light making your bodies look warm and sensual. You feel yourself getting excited as you stroke their body and feel them quiver with delight under your finger tips. They close their eyes and enjoy the pleasure of your hot kisses leading down their neck, chest and belly to their thighs. Think about what you would do next.

If you allowed yourself to indulge in this little thought exercise, you just enjoyed a brief sexual fantasy. It may not trigger all your hot buttons but I bet it stirred up a few feelings of desire. Many people don’t realize that they fantasize and may even claim they don’t. But just planning a romantic evening with the intent to get laid later is fantasizing. Any time you think of having sex or recall a memory of a past sexual encounter that’s your mind fantasizing. It’s an important part of your sex life and ultimately your relationship that deserves more attention.

Explore Your Sex Fantasies Together

Welcome to Frisky Sexual Fantasies. This website is intended for couples who want to explore their fantasies and enhance their sexual creativity by exercising and exploring their erotic imaginations together. There are many reasons for indulging in and sharing your sexual fantasies. My wife and I will explore how you can use your fantasies to help make your sex life more exciting and fulfilling. We also wrote a book for you called:

123 Frisky Sexual Fantasies & Erotic Roleplay Ideas:
Dare to Play Naughty Sexy Scenarios for Couples

Enjoy Better Sex Together

Great sex occurs when our mind is completely in synch with what our body is experiencing. But our mind is easily distracted with mundane thoughts of the day or unpleasant aspects of our current setting (noise, clutter, etc.). Whether alone masturbating or having sex with a partner, you can close your eyes and let an exciting fantasy push away all negative thoughts. In just a few moments you can transport yourself into a new sexual situation that is exciting and arousing. There are so many erotic possibilities to enjoy. The variety of wild sexual adventures you can experience is limitless. With sexual fantasies you can be anyone and do anyone any where any time. You can indulge all your deepest darkest desires with no guilt, shame or danger. And best of all, your imagination is free.

A fantasy can be as simple as pretending to be in a different place or making love to a different person. Even thinking how you want to make love with your partner later is fantasizing. Recalling past love making experiences is also fantasizing. It doesn’t even have to be very explicit or visual – just recalling a feeling or sensation can get you in the mood for more or make you feel good when you’re sad or alone. Fantasies can also be complex and elaborate with entire stories wrapped around various events leading to a sexual climax. They may involve detailed characters, settings and situations combined with various objects or language that have deep emotional associations for you.

Improve Your Relationship

Sexual fantasy can even help couples in a monogamous relationship resist the temptation to cheat. Many people end up having an affair to satisfy their own sexual needs that could easily be fulfilled in their relationship. Many times the need is just for more sexual variety which could be addressed with shared or private fantasies. We all need to feel the excitement of doing something new and out of the ordinary.

If you are in a long term relationship, your sex life may be getting a little dull, routine or even boring. Novelty is a crucial ingredient for keeping your passion for life and each other energized. You may already be using fantasies while masturbating or even while having sex with your partner to make it more exciting. Why not try to communicate your desires with your partner and share the excitement. Discussing sex together will encourage you both to try out new things with each other rather than just keeping it private or worse, sharing them with someone else. Sure there are some fears that your partner may reject your ideas or think you’re a pervert or slut. Sharing fantasies is a delicate act that takes courage especially in an intimate, caring, stable and comfortable relationship.

Spice Up Your Sex Life

You can dramatically enhance, improve and possibly even save your relationship and your sex life by sharing fantasies with your lover. Involving each other in a creative erotic adventure can spice up your desire leading to more passionate and fulfilling sex. It also gives you the opportunity to share what turns you on. Although it is rare that you will both get the same thrill from any one particular fantasy, sharing your fantasies can lead you toward a greater level of trust and empathy for each other. Most people want to please their partner and will usually try to incorporate the other’s fantasy into their sex play at some point. You may even be able to find mutually compatible fantasies that you can play with together.

We’ve created this website to provide inspiration to fuel your fantasies and help you discover ways to enhance your sex life by using them either alone or together with your partner. We will even explore ways you can role-play your sexual fantasies and creatively stimulate your erotic imagination with movies, books, websites and art. We aren’t psychologists so we can’t give you medical advice of any kind but we hope you’ll join us as we explore frisky sexual fantasies for fun and pleasure.