Sex Fantasy in Her Kama Sutra Daydreams Comes True

Furniture Sex Positions

Here is an erotic sex scenario to inspire your role-play games. It involves dirty text messaging, oral pleasuring, and a variety of sex positions. This sexy story was written to incorporate six random combinations of ideas that come up using the iLoveRandomSex app. I hope you enjoy reading it as a way to inspire your own erotic role-play ideas.

He came home a little earlier than expected and found her napping on the recliner in the living room. She had a book of Kama Sutra sex positions opened on her lap. He noticed her cell phone in her hand resting between her legs – how convenient. He hoped she had it on vibrate.

Sexy Text Messages to Excite Her

Quietly, he sneaked into the bedroom to prepare a few sensual items of pleasure. When he was ready he sent her a text message he knew would get her excited. From his vantage point he could hear the phone buzzing. His instructions told her that he would be home very soon. She was to stop what she was doing and strip down naked exactly where she was. He hinted that he would know if she moved and there would be consequences (he could almost see her looking around suspiciously).

Reclined, Relaxed, Ready

She did as instructed and sent him back a text that she was ready. Picturing her naked on the leather recliner with her legs spread make him hard as a rock. He sent her instructions to slowly stroke her pussy and get herself ready for his hot tongue. When he started hearing moans of pleasure from the other room, he slowly and quietly crept into the room knowing that her eyes would be closed. What a delicious sight – one hand squeezing her nipples while her other fingers were stroking between her labia and up around her clitoris. Teasing herself slowly, she had her legs spread wide and inviting. Like a sex Ninja, he knelt down in front of her inhaling her scent. Delicately he moved in to lick her.

Expecting her to jump in surprise, she just reached out and pulled his head closer. She had noticed his briefcase and knew he was home ready to play.

Arousal Lube for Intense Sensations

He made her come with his tongue then stood up and reached for the box of special Yours and Mine Couples K-Y Lubricant. While fumbling to open the package, his dick bobbed enticingly right in front of her. She decided to have some fun herself. Bending forward, she grabbed his ass with both hands while she kissed and licked all around his legs and stomach. She knew that licking his inner thighs and back of his knees would drive him crazy. The feel of her long curly hair between his legs would tickle him too. To let him know she was almost done teasing him, she dragged her nails down the back of his legs. He quivered in delight.

Without looking, he handed her one of the bottles – she got the female oil. He applied the male lube to his penis while watching as she applied hers. She even put some on her nipples and, with a devilish smile, smeared some along her lips. She wanted to lick and suck him for a bit too.

Slow and Sensual Sex Play

After reapplying some more lube to his cock, he knelt down in front of her. With her legs spread wide he stroked her clitoris with the head of his penis. He slid the shaft between her pussy lips stimulating her in all kinds of ways without actual penetration. The sensation of the oils mixing together was amazing.

Remembering that she was reading the Kama Sutra book, he picked it up to see what position she was looking at last. It happen to be The Diving Swallow – perfect for their current location. Switching positions, he sat down and she climbed on top facing forward. Once she had him inside her, she leaned forward almost flat on his lap. Gripping him with her thighs as reached back to hold onto his arms, he could feel her muscles quivering and pulsing. It was a very tight fit. With a bit of rocking back and forth, he could feel his orgasm building but he could tell she was getting a little tired.

More Sensual Sex Positions

She climbed off him and applied some of the oil between her breasts. Kneeling before him, she massaged his dick between her luscious tits. She rubbed his head around her nipples slick with oil. Then standing up, she applied even more oil between her butt cheeks. She did a little lap dance wiggling and sliding her butt on his cock. He was almost ready to explode but she wanted him to come inside her.

She bent over the foot rest in a doggie style position. But he had one more position in mind that he saw in the book. Standing up, he grabbed her legs and pulled her up to him. Holding onto the foot rest and wrapping her legs around his waist proved to be an excellent way to perform the Wheel Barrow position.

I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Hope you enjoy this moment of random sex. Please leave a comment and let us know how you would creatively use the random sex ideas that you get with the iLoveRandomSex iPhone sex app. Try it today:

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